Hello! I’m Shaun Peterson,

founder of Dynamic Painting and Decorating​

I was always very diligent in my work. I founded Dynamic Painting and Decorating in 2019 out of nothing, and it became a massive success on the Mornington Peninsula and Bass Coast. I’m very proud of what I’ve created.

Our success story

From 2016 to future

Dynamic Painting and Decorating was founded in 2019 by Shaun Peterson, a professional painter with more than 15 years of experience in painting and decorating space. The company aims to achieve its goal by offering high-quality residential and commercial painting and decorating services at competitive prices. 

Dynamic Painting and Decorating provides professional painting services on the Mornington Peninsula and Bass Coast. Our main services include spray finish aqua enamels, high-pressure cleaning, repainting, and services for new builds. 

Our team of painters at Dynamic Painting and Decorating is made up of experienced, friendly professionals who are well-rounded and work to industry best practices. We’ve been in business since 2019, working on a wide range of projects around the Mornington Peninsula and Bass Coast. We pride ourselves on taking the time to know you and your needs, ensuring that any paint job is done to the highest standard.

Before we start to work, we provide our clients with consultations. Dynamic Painting and Decorating deals with colour consultants and interior designers too. If you aren’t sure which colour to choose, we will gladly help you! 

Dynamic Painting & Decorating services offers quality painting and decorating services that can help you get the look you want for your home. Order everything you need right now!

Check Dynamic Painting and Decorating works!

Dynamic Painting & Decorating has been servicing the Mornington Peninsula and Bass Coast for over 20 years with the best interior and exterior painting services. We are proud of our high-quality paint job finishes at the most reasonable rates in the area. Our customers return to us year after year for their painting needs because they know nothing beats a Dynamic Painting and Decorating paint job. Visit our portfolio today to see what we’re up to!